First, go to the public html folder in your server using this command line:
cd /var/www/html

Then clone your project here. A new directory will be automatically created.
git clone url_here

After this you need a .env file in your directory. Normally, GitHub or BitBucket do not upload .env file since it contains sensitive data. If you look into your directory, you will see a .env.example file. Please rename it to .env and then write or paste the necessary information here.

Then you need to run these commands:
sudo chmod 755 -R directory

You need to run this command line for the directories that need permissions for both reading and writing. Follow the same command for similar directories.
sudo chmod -R o+w directory/storage

Then you need to install composer:
composer install

Then you need to give permission for cache:
sudo chmod 777 -R bootstrap/cache

If your project uses curl, then you need to install it:
sudo apt-get install php5-curl

Lastly, you need to restart the server:
sudo service apache2 restart

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